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A Wordpress plugin long overdue for the disc golf community!

Designed and created specifically for the sport we love!    Clubs and promoters of the sport need it.   Players deserve it!

Disc Golf Manager is for promoters of disc golf who want to add more value to their club’s competitions.  Whether a tournament director or player,  the program offers a user-friendly and visually pleasing views of competition event data.

DGM Details

Advertise and score events easily.  Provide your club members with statistics.  Run leagues and offer annual competitive points series to increase local participation.

Retain event historical data and records for the club without fees and uploads to outside sanctioning organizations.   Reclaim those expenses to support your local courses and club!

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Tournament & League Management

Build a professional data-driven disc golf website for your members today.

- Built for Disc Golf -

Lose the paper.  Forget the spreadsheets, uploading PDF’s, and the hassle of uploading tournament results!

Increase tournament and casual participation.  Award points winners.  Relays tournament results, player statistics like a champion!  Sit back and watch local events grow!

- Save Time -

Disc Golf Manager saves you time by giving you the tools you need to set up your website quickly and easily.  All features work seamlessly together to provide instant, accurate results for you and members!  Don’t continue to be stuck calculating and uploading.   Let Disc Golf Manager do the work.  You stay on the course!

- Features -

  • Advertise tournaments and events
  • Online scoring – instantly and easily
  • Allocate player points for participate, performance, and division wins
  • Provide members player statistics

- Be a Champion -

  • Connect events for points series competitions
  • Offer an annual divisional points championships
  • Include doubles formats
  • Seasons, Leagues, Divisions, and Points allocation are all configurable

Do it all online.  Fast and simple!

Purchase & Dowload

Try before you buy, or jump right in. Word to the wise … you’ll going to love it and everyone involved with your events will as well!

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All prices are in US dollars. To continue receiving updates and support after expiration, Pro and Unlimited Site versions can be renewed each year at 50% off the original price.

Because images are worth a thousand words!    Simple and intuitive screens make setting up events and scoring them as enjoyable as sinking a thirty-foot putt in a headwind!

Who are these people in the background?  Members, they want to see it too!  Download today!

We are seeking a handful of clubs to test this plugin. If interested, please complete the below form for consideration:

Wordpress Plugin Testing

Thank you for your interest in the Disc Golf Manager plugin. We will be selecting a handful of clubs for market analysis purposes based on criteria provided below:

<h2>Why are we testing?</h2>
<p>Growth of the sport begins at the local level.  We seek to provide through this plugin efficient means for the smallest of clubs to advertise, manage and document their competitions.</P>
<p>Your club will be offered the opportunity to enhance your local competitions for members.  All we ask in return is to complete a short survey regarding its features and it’s perceived value to your club and members.</p>