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What are it’s Features?

  • Three game variations offered
  • Track your score with the multi-player scoring
  • Great for practice or competitions
  • Track personal best scores and compete in the weekly High Score Top Ten
  • User stats graphics
  • Post results to Facebook or email
  • Unique scoring system allows putting rounds to be combined with 18 hole rounds for new variations for tournament formats.
  • Manages multi-round putting leagues

What is Pure Putt 11

We all know the addiction of disc golf, right?  The sport taps directly into our competitive spirit and becomes part of us with the ongoing desire to improve and compete … both against ourselves and others.

PerfectPutt 11 is an Android program designed facilitate this same spirit while practicing putting.  It offers a variety of putting drills to enhance your game,  and most importantly, drop strokes off your score!

All disc golfers know consistency in putting saves more strokes than any other aspect of the game.  Consistency begins with repetitive motion and confidence (mental game).   Daily practice develops repetitive motion, increases confidence, and expands your “automatic” range!

Practicing putts a few hundred times daily can become monotonous and improvements difficult to track!  Pure Putt 11 brings competitiveness to practice where results are gauged and recorded.  You’ll not only see the results via the app, but also through lower scores on the course!  Are you seeking fun and challenging ways to improve your short game, rate your distance consistency, and even organize and compete in putting competitions?  Pure Putt 11 may be for you!

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rulerThere are three (3) variations of game formats available:  Strategy, Ladder, Pure Points.
In the premium version each format has the option of playing from one to four rounds.  Each round consists of eleven (11) putting opportunities.
Points are awarded equal to the distance of a successful putt.  Points are deducted equal to 50% of the distance of the putt attempted. Eleven (11) bonus points are added if all putts in a round are successful.

The object is to gather as many points as possible.   The Pure Putt 11 program takes the total points, along with the average putt distance and calculates a final score.  A normal PP11 score would be similar to a course par of 54 of an 18-hole round.   Lowest score wins!

Bonus points reward consistency . Missed putt deductions offer ‘risk and reward”.  The object is to “find your comfort zone” where scores are maximized … stray too far away and pay the price!


Disc Golf Manager

What is Disc Golf Manager?

It could be called a low-cost alternative to the PDGA, or the Disc Golf Scene event management systems,  only designed, created, and targeted for local clubs.

While capable of handling the big events as well, smaller events at the local level are the “bread and butter” of the sport.   They are where growth spouts by offering weekly competitive rounds to disc golfers everywhere ….. large cities, small towns, rural farms, and remote parks!

But how are these event results advertised, recorded, and shared?   Until now, it has been a spotty!  If not sanctioned by the PDGA it is a true challenge!   Google spreadsheets or uploaded PDF’s links seem to be the more commonplace means,  but what do these offer your members other than a particular event’s results?  We think organizing your club’s events is best for tournament directors and players.  Why not offer more in-depth seasonal competitions for your members to enjoy?  Features like points competitions, leagues,  and player statistics?

Presently, communicating results choices are either taking dollars from player’s pockets and outlaying them elsewhere to be listed on a third party website or the hassle of uploading unrelated links.   We believe disc golf deserves a better way and offer Disc Golf Manager to solve these challenges!

The program is a Wordpress plugin designed to eliminate the hassle of uploading results and to lower the overall dollars outlays of your events.  Clubs can include more events,  offer larger payouts, or at least keep more dollars locally to improve YOUR courses and facilities.   We can’t guarantee it, but we feel confident it will increase participation and enjoyment for your members!

What are it’s Features?

  • Organize and run club events online
  • Offer Points Series Leagues
  • Include Doubles events
  • Provide player statistics
  • Post results on Facebook or email
  • Retain historical data of all  events
  • All functions with a Wordpress plugin
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Disc golf blended ever so sweetly with technology right here in Mississippi! 

We love hearing from whoever, from wherever and whenever!  Give us a shout if you need something, have a suggestion or improvement, found a bug, or just want to introduce yourself.    We’re open to all and work on feedback … good, bad, and ugly!  Let us hear from ya!