This is a quick tutorial explaining the simplicity of entering tournament results (Singles events).  We assume you've already attained tournament director permissions and have the knowledge to access the tournament results page.  Data results are simple and intuitive.  This page explains portions that may create questions.

  • Division – Select from the drop-down list the division for the players you are entering results
  • Player – Select the player from the drop-down list you are scoring.  If it is a new player, please select the “Add New Player” link underneath.  Enter accurate details for the player that include first name, last name, and email address.  Once the new player form is complete, enter the players results.
  • PDGA – If available, can be left blank
  • R1 through R5 – Enter the player’s round scores.  If only 2 two rounds, leave remainder rounds blank.
  • Winnings – Enter any winnings the player may have won
  • Play-Off Winner – This is valid for 1st Place ties only!  Only mark the player in that may win the tie in a throw off, toss of coin, or other means.

Save your player’s data and proceed with the next player in the same way.  Hope you’re as pleased as I with this feature!