Well, kudos to the SN Board with finally managing to update an antiquated web site! Having been heavily involved with the transfer of the domain and site from Brian Moon, this "overhaul" of the foundation that ties the SN regions together was highly needed, and anticipated by not only myself, but by most involved with disc golf around the South!

Technology and computer databases have changes significantly since the original site was created some fifteenth or sixteen years ago. The old site was limping along on the verge of collapsing at any point.

Personally, my initial reaction to the site is that they have replicated and improved on the previous site. It much cleaner and likely less apt for code glitches hopefully. It should be much easier for the board to update and communicate to the SN community in way they've never had before. For now, it's just the same "meat and potatoes" of a forum for advertising and a points database for tournament results. We'll have to wait and see what new features the new site will offer. It's built around a WordPress CMS that allows a wealth of abilities and, hopefully, the SN community will be able to enjoy such in the future. I look forward to these features being implemented as time moves on!

On the downside, I will miss the old forum. It was full of the rich history of the Southern Nationals that would have been nice to retain. I also noticed the issue of player name duplication did not seem to be addressed with this update. A mis-spelling of a player name will not sync his records properly and the data has to be manually edited to correct the issue. I surmise this will be an ongoing issue so be sure to make sure the TD gets your name spelled correctly. The new site also took a stab at viewing better on mobile devices but breaks down on results and player stat views. However, it's a brand new site.  Bugs and glitches are expected and here's to hoping the SN board addresses any site short-comings!

Overall, the new site is a breath of freshness and new structure to an organization that has been lacking both. May it blossom, grow, and prosper.