The Pure Putt app is just a few days short of three months old.

The app is still basically unknown with many disc golf circles. We'll take the blame there as marketing n' advertising of its use has been minimal. Real life adventures with family, friends, and career needed their attention once the app was finally published, so a lil' delay while any bugs in the app could pop up was considered a wise decision. All considered, Pure Putt 11 has actually enjoyed a couple hundred downloads and is slowly gathering steam. And best of all, no crashes, bugs, or issues!

Therefore, we're rolling out the Pure Putt 11 Facebook page. It'll offer instructions, tutorials, and allow us an avenue in which to address questions or issues users may experience.

Hopefully, in time, we'll be adding events, app highlights and results, and a few give-aways!

There's not much there yet, but give it a peek by searching "Pure Putt 11" on Facebook. Most of all, give the app a try and let us know what you think! It's on Google Play ... feel free to rate/review it there as well!