One of the greatest challenges of recording tournament records is none other than duplicate player names.  Unless there is a player registration process similar to what the PDGA uses, the likelihood of duplicating players within the database is quite high.

Frantic registrations processes, nick names, similar spelling, player actually having the same names, and even lousy hand-writting can create havoc when generating player lists and submitting scores.  Its understandable and our database does amazingly well in sorting out most player stats.   As the 2016 season nears its end, we've been doing some housekeeping with the records and ask the MS disc golfer community to assist us in straightening a few records.

The below table lists 18 possible duplicates. Some are almost certainly duplicates while others may actually be separate entities. Please check the below and let us know if you, or someone you know, may have a duplicate entry. Let us know via Facebook or via the contact form. Thanks for your help!

Chris WiltonChristopher Wilton
Ty FanglerTy Fansler
Jimmy CutlerJames Cutler
Ed BurtonEddie Burton
Jonathan or Jonathan CarterJonathan T Carter
Jordan ClaytonJorden Clayton
Derek CunninghamDerrick Cunningham
Robert SnipesBobby Snipes
Steven YoungStephan Yound
Joey JohnsonJoseph Johnson
Vic WoodsVictor Woods
Brian KirkBryan Kirk
Dave MorganDavid Morgan
Nicholas RobichauxNick Robichaux
Stephen SchoolcraftSteven Shudcratt
Steven SmithSteven (Jackson, MS) Smith
Jon or Johnathan TurnerJonathan Turner
Derek TerryDerrick Terry