For those of you familiar with and possibly tried our Andriod App "Pure Putt 11", we're currently cranking up our second application that will handle disc golf mini tournaments.  Our expectations are it will handle sign ups, division rankings, and bag tag allocations for minis, or even multi-round tournaments .... all without paperwork or clipboards .... just your phone!

We originally were going to name it Bag Tag Buddy, but the extra possibilities of it managing a full blown tournament we thought "DG Mini Manager" or "DG Tournament Manager" may be better suited for it's name.  The actual app release date is still a few weeks away so there's plenty of time for decisions.  In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on it's name ....

I do not think polls show on the FB feed, but they are available by visiting the MSDiscgolf site.


What is an awesome name for the new app to handle DG events?