Is a Putting League available in your area?   As saturated as disc golf is here in Mississippi, I can't say I know of an ongoing putting league type offering that is available.  There are weekly minis, an occasional tournament, and the usual casual play with friends.    All enjoyable, but over time, the monotony of  the same old courses and events can lose their luster.  Thinking a bit "out of the box",  Mississippi Disc Golf thought it would be absolute cool to incorporate a putting competition alongside regular mini rounds, or even as stand-along rounds, then include them in out points database.

The challenge for the two different competition to run along side each other was to calculate a good "putting round" score to be similar to a regular 18-hole round's good score.   With a little help from a spreadsheet and some precise calculations, we think we came up with a solution!

Via the spreadsheet, an Android App was developed to perform such calculation "on the fly"!  Based on par being in the area of 54, if you putt well, make your shots, and average credible distance, you'll score well below par  ... just like in a normal 18-hole round.  Miss your putts, or just make a bunch of short ones, your score is likely to be somewhat higher than par.


  • Each round consists of 11 putts
  • A 10′ foot must be made first
  • then a 20′ putt
  • then a 25′ putt
  • After successfully making a 25′ putt, player may chose the distance for all remaining putts


  • A point is allocated for successful putts equal to the distance of the putt.  Example: 10′ putt is rewarded with 10 points.
  • Points are deducted for missed putts equal to 50% of the distance attenmpted.  Example: 10′ putt missed has a deduction of 5 points.
  • A bonus of 11 points is awarded if all points are successful
  • Upon completion of all 11 putting opportunities, a final score is calculated.
  • Similar to a regular 18 hole round, the lowest score wins





This first image shows the app without  scores and second image shows a completed round with the final score.  The Putting Calculator uses it’s magic to render a final score similar to a regular round of golf!

The Putting Calculator App allows an unlimited of array of competition opportunities. Whether it be alongside an actual round or any variety of putting competitions, it offers consistent scoring for putting no matter what your skill level.


  This download is no longer valid and will be replaced soon

It’s only for Android devices, it’s free, and has no advertisement!  We think it’s pretty cool and will assist anyone wanting to improve their short game!  It’s in it’s first edition and upgrades are already underway to add multi-player, top ten score rankings that refreshed weekly, and the ability to organize complete league play.