• MSDiscGolf Cha-cha-changes …..

    Mississippi Disc Golf continues to evolve technology into the sport of disc golf.  Between our tournament database introduced three years ago, our Pure Putt 11 app introduced eighteen months ago, and our adventure into the mid-guided Mini Manager app, we’re slowly making some headway while also experiencing a grand learning curve. In 2016 (and partially […]

  • Mini Manager – On Hold!

    Well, one can tell from the date of the last post about the Mini Manager app that it has been a while since an update.  Last October, it seemed the development and completion of the app was but a few weeks away. Unfortunately, life has it’s way of getting out of whack and allowing well-laid […]

  • Mini Manager

    Well, it’s been a slow process but the Mini Manager app is still coming along. This is initial logo. It’ll likely be tweaked nearer to final release. Within the app coding, we’re trying to include bag tag allocation, mini fees, location, and divisional payouts. The addition of the payout feature will require a variety of […]

  • SNDG’s Revamped Site … initial reaction!

    Well, kudos to the SN Board with finally managing to update an antiquated web site! Having been heavily involved with the transfer of the domain and site from Brian Moon, this “overhaul” of the foundation that ties the SN regions together was highly needed, and anticipated by not only myself, but by most involved with […]

  • MS Hole Highlight Page

    It’s been a while since we added a new hole to the Mississippi Premiere Holes page. Would love some additions from the other parts of the State …. otherwise, ya’ll are liable to get more holes highlighted from the Tupelo area! Feed me some good holes … if you will! Thanks

  • Pure Putt @ 3 months

    The Pure Putt app is just a few days short of three months old. The app is still basically unknown with many disc golf circles. We’ll take the blame there as marketing n’ advertising of its use has been minimal. Real life adventures with family, friends, and career needed their attention once the app was […]

  • Mississippi Player Database

    One of the greatest challenges of recording tournament records is none other than duplicate player names.  Unless there is a player registration process similar to what the PDGA uses, the likelihood of duplicating players within the database is quite high. Frantic registrations processes, nick names, similar spelling, player actually having the same names, and even […]

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