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Disc Golf Manager is a Wordpress plugin designed to assist clubs and promoters of the sport with managing tournaments and events.  From advertising of the event, entering and communicating its results,  and retaining historical information for the club, this plug-in will assist in promoting both the sport of disc golf and your club.

You will pleased with the growth of interest and participation of your club’s events!  Your player’s will appreciate organized and historical results.   We believe Disc Golf Manager will enhance any club’s site and enhance competitions throughout the disc golf community!   

Our premium add-ons take it all step a further and allow the added features of leagues and points series.

Features / Instructions

Features available via the demo are …

Create an event or tournament
Add a Point Series to enhance participation **premium version
Create a league (series of events) **premium version
Add players to events
Add results to events

Check them all out and be amazed what your club can now offer as an added bonus to your tournaments.

Ground rules:  Please add and delete only your data.  All testing data will be deleted and the site refreshed as needed.


This demo includes all features of our premium version plugin for leagues and points series!  

TD Log URL:  Click here

User Name: TD

Password: password

Designer Note:
Through my years of playing, promoting, and just enjoying the sport, one common thread in disc golfers I’ve noticed is the enjoyment of it’s competition aspect, whether it be against a slew of skilled tournament players, a social round with friends, or round by yourself, it  is simply addictive!  We all seek that perfect round and know it may come in the next round!
Participating in various events over the years, I’ve never felt there were an adequate means for economically documenting all tournament play.   Therefore, I combined two of my passions,  disc golf, and web design, to create Disc Golf Manager.  It’s an affordable system for clubs, promoters, even individuals to use in advertising, scoring, and documenting their play of the game!  It even offers the added competitions of a points system and league play.
As a disc golfer and promoter of the sport, I am pleased with the features it offers.  I hope you and your club will be as well!   Enjoy!